The camper world is becoming a lifestyle. A carefree, calm, calm style … In a world of constant noise and daily stress, the camper way of life offers you to lie on a bed and quietly read a book listening to the waves of the sea, or relax on a mountain and sleep watching the stars without the light pollution of the big city.

Undoubtedly, traveling by campervan has been on the rise for a few years, and is forging the foundations of a philosophy of life for a group that loves and is passionate about constant mobility towards idyllic landscapes, a swing on wheels, a song to freedom, nomadic people who like to go with their home to their favorite corners.

Those who carry the camper essence with them must have in common that passion for traveling in a camper van and for nature, for the details that these corners offer with magic, for adventure, for improvisation and for enjoying what few people are capable of. .

Playcamper has each of the values ​​of the camper lifestyle, and traveling with any of the camper vans it offers will make you feel unique moments.