Savings is the main advantage. Traveling with a  campervan  offers advantages for your pocket and a huge savings compared to a trip to hotels or apartments. The cost of food if you decide to use the kitchen is also considerable. Finally, in the caravan-camper comparison, with your  camper van you  will save a lot on gasoline.

Another aspect to highlight is the size. Yes Size Matters! With your  camper van  you can easily drive through the streets of the cities you visit. Its more affordable size than a caravan facilitates mobility or even access to points that with larger vehicles would be very difficult.

Parking also offers advantages, since you can park your  camper van  in a normal public parking space, since it is considered a utility vehicle.

Finally, we want to highlight the  camperization of your  camper van and in this section, playcamper is one of the leaders in the sector. Each of the playcamper vans has the best possible camperization, at the forefront in design, modern and with great detail. They all have a lifting roof with a bed on the roof, hot water showers inside and an external extendable tap also with hot water, a living room that can be converted into a bed, a kitchen with everything you need to make incredible dishes, televisions, bike racks or even support for your board. surfing. The best  camper vans for travel  are offered by playcamper.